Ode To Thoreau's Walden

These paintings are each an ode to Henry David Thoreau and his Walden Pond.

Thoreau: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams"

The first year I moved to Massachusetts, I visited Walden Pond.  My kids were little, in first grade and pre-K, and they both had an afternoon off so we packed snacks, buckled in, and drove the 45 minutes in heavy traffic to a more city-like area than where we lived.  

Walden had seemed like a mythical or metaphorical place to me, not real, and I was disappointed, at first.  Before you see the water, you go past chainlink fence.  But the pond was so stunning and the fall day so perfect that all three of us, a decade later, vividly recall it.  Snapshots of the kids’ acorn gathering and the shifting sun on the water as we stayed until nearly sunset help with recall.

I have returned many times.  Never disappointed.  I have painted based on memory and new observation, since 2006, in oil, diluted oil, watercolor, and encaustic.  My paintings based on visits to Walden Pond are in homes in Colorado and Pennsylvania, in addition to Massachusetts.  That reminds me that Walden Pond is an American thing, not just a local love or regional destination.

I will revisit and add to this body of work again and again.